Friday, February 16, 2007

Tekken 6 appears

Wow, this was a surprise. I figured with the release of Tekken 5: DR for the US PSN in two weeks, there wouldn’t be much news on part 6 for a while.

On one hand, announcing it’s imminent arrival for the arcades means a home release is not that much further off. EB Games lists it as July, but that can’t be right. More like Sep at the earliest is my guess. On the other hand, I do wish they could have pushed it further off so it can look as good as possible. At this point, it certainly doesn’t match Virtua Fighter 5 in the visual department.

That said, I’m loving the emphasis on more possibilities for costume customization. It seems like they are really going to town with the feature this time. Above is the super built-up version of Jack (or is it Jack -2?). At the top of this post is nicely customized Asuka Kazama. Two new characters have been revealed so far. It seems likely there will be at least a few more new faces since Namco is promising the largest cast ever.

Speaking of the new characters, well…Leo seems a bit boring. Very ordinary looking outfit. The only interesting aspect is Leo may be a woman if the voice in the preview trailer is to be believed. It would make his/her chest straps make more sense, perhaps holding in, uh, feminine bumps. I’m hoping this angle leads to very contrasting costume upgrade choices.

Zafina also looks a bit blah too. Her fighting style looks cool, but her outfit screams flea market fashion. I mean, tassled armlets and a neckerchief? T-A-C-K-Y. Even so I set her as my desktop image because I’m a man of contradictions.

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