Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gods and Witches

Playing through God of War II now and I’ll post any costumes I manage to unlock. It looks like there are seven different outfits and/or alternate characters. Many of these require completing the game at the higher difficulty settings to it may take me a bit. I did manage to beat the original GoW on the highest settings, so it shouldn’t be an impossible task. The only ones I can find on the web are the Cod of War an Kratos in his armor. Not sure if that is the same one you unlock though.

The first of the Bullet Witch costumes downloads was just released. I can see myself picking it up a few months from now when all the DL content has been released and the game discounted to the $30 range. I’m thinking late summer there will be a drought of good games where such a scenario could play out.

First movies of Rachel in Ninja Gaiden Sigma hit recently as well. The game's director confirmed she will have multiple hairstyles and at least one extra hair color. No word on other outfits though. A demo is scheduled to hit PSN late April. Totally psyched.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Capcom likes them big on 360

I’m almost finished with Lost Planet (yeah I know, still catching up). As you may recall, I’m not too crazy about the outfits the characters wear. One of the female characters has an interestingly minor outfit change – when she is outdoors, her upper chest is covered and it’s open when indoors. Even more comical is how well endowed she is. It reminded me of Capcom’s previous 360 game, Dead Rising, which also featured an incredibly buxom gal. Is this the new trademark of Capcom games on the 360?

A few new shots surfaced recently and the game is still looking pretty sweet. These two screens show more of the armor and class types.

In a real battle, you want to be covered as much as possible so sporting revealing bikini bottoms probably isn’t recommended. Then again, the mobility advantage you gain from this fashion choice would be quite significant.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Home wardrobe

By now you’ve probably read up all you wanted to know about Home for the PlayStation Network. I’m pretty psyched for what’s been shown and for what will be possible in the future.

One obvious aspect applicable to this blog is how you customize your character. I’m sure there is an adequate amount of options from the start, but it’s probable that some of the cooler items will require you to purchase them.

Games you buy can also have customizable items usable on Home. I wouldn’t wear Kage’s headband (the ninja from VF5) in real life, but it might be fun to deck out my Home character with it. Hmm…maybe that’s a bad example. It depends on what the developer has time for I guess. Generic shirts with logos are all one can realistically expect in the first wave of games.

What would people want from a game? There are those that may be happy with generic clothes with game or developer logos. A sizable group will surely want clothes worn by the game characters. I can totally see people sporting Leon Kennedy’s jacket from Resident Evil 4. Virtual cosplayers will demand armor, capes, and other extravagant garb. I’m all for the virtual space inhabited by the most interesting looking people possible. Right now, all the screens look a little too Gap for my tastes.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Bullet Witch time…or not?

Even with co-called improvements to the US version, Bullet Witch is getting hung out to dry by reviewers. I’ve been known to give such games a chance, but not this time. At least not until there is a significant price drop and more downloadable costumes are available.

Making it easier to skip Bullet Witch is the costume goodness that is Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for PS3. I’ve mainly been brushing up my skills in the dojo for VF5 so there’s not much on the costume collecting front yet.

Downloaded Tekken 5 DR last night and so far so good. It’s definitely bare bones compared to the PS2 and PSP versions, but my goodness it looks fantastic. Well, as fantastic a PS2 game upgraded to 1080p can look. Still, it’s good stuff and worth the 20 bones.

I was initially down on what’s been shown for Tekken 6, but DR reminds me that there is a sizable difference between how a game looks in screenshots and video versus how it will actually look at home.