Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Capcom likes them big on 360

I’m almost finished with Lost Planet (yeah I know, still catching up). As you may recall, I’m not too crazy about the outfits the characters wear. One of the female characters has an interestingly minor outfit change – when she is outdoors, her upper chest is covered and it’s open when indoors. Even more comical is how well endowed she is. It reminded me of Capcom’s previous 360 game, Dead Rising, which also featured an incredibly buxom gal. Is this the new trademark of Capcom games on the 360?

A few new shots surfaced recently and the game is still looking pretty sweet. These two screens show more of the armor and class types.

In a real battle, you want to be covered as much as possible so sporting revealing bikini bottoms probably isn’t recommended. Then again, the mobility advantage you gain from this fashion choice would be quite significant.


Rob said...

*cheers for cleavage*

Anonymous said...

Haha you crack me up with these screenshot. You forget devil may cry 4, the chick on it is not so atractive.


onan said...

I guess capcom figured that if you're going to be stuck in a mall or a frozen tundra for 20 or so hours, you'd appreciate some occasional change of scenery in the form of hills and valleys.

Anonymous said...

can any one tell me how to find the jacket wayne wears in lost planet for the xbox 360