Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gods and Witches

Playing through God of War II now and I’ll post any costumes I manage to unlock. It looks like there are seven different outfits and/or alternate characters. Many of these require completing the game at the higher difficulty settings to it may take me a bit. I did manage to beat the original GoW on the highest settings, so it shouldn’t be an impossible task. The only ones I can find on the web are the Cod of War an Kratos in his armor. Not sure if that is the same one you unlock though.

The first of the Bullet Witch costumes downloads was just released. I can see myself picking it up a few months from now when all the DL content has been released and the game discounted to the $30 range. I’m thinking late summer there will be a drought of good games where such a scenario could play out.

First movies of Rachel in Ninja Gaiden Sigma hit recently as well. The game's director confirmed she will have multiple hairstyles and at least one extra hair color. No word on other outfits though. A demo is scheduled to hit PSN late April. Totally psyched.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel lookin HOT!