Friday, March 09, 2007

Home wardrobe

By now you’ve probably read up all you wanted to know about Home for the PlayStation Network. I’m pretty psyched for what’s been shown and for what will be possible in the future.

One obvious aspect applicable to this blog is how you customize your character. I’m sure there is an adequate amount of options from the start, but it’s probable that some of the cooler items will require you to purchase them.

Games you buy can also have customizable items usable on Home. I wouldn’t wear Kage’s headband (the ninja from VF5) in real life, but it might be fun to deck out my Home character with it. Hmm…maybe that’s a bad example. It depends on what the developer has time for I guess. Generic shirts with logos are all one can realistically expect in the first wave of games.

What would people want from a game? There are those that may be happy with generic clothes with game or developer logos. A sizable group will surely want clothes worn by the game characters. I can totally see people sporting Leon Kennedy’s jacket from Resident Evil 4. Virtual cosplayers will demand armor, capes, and other extravagant garb. I’m all for the virtual space inhabited by the most interesting looking people possible. Right now, all the screens look a little too Gap for my tastes.

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Josef said...

I agree - I'm curious to see what Home will have to offer, and while I'm looking forward to the customizing aspect, I don't feel they've really showed anything to get real excited about. I too hope we'll be able to equip our Home avatars with clothes and props from various games in the future... in fact, I think that's what the "trophies" should be like - instead of having random stuff from a game on display in a boring trophy room, how cool wouldn't it be to dress up your character and apartment with things from a game to show you've achieved stuff instead? I hope the system allows for stuff like that as the prospect of boring t-shirts and trohpies isn't too exciting in my eyes.

If nothing else I hope there'll be a decent amount of types of clothes to choose from (and that not everything outside the most basic stuff will cost money).