Thursday, April 19, 2007

JP gets extra costumes

I remember seeing this downloadable costume pack for Genji a while back, but never bothered to look at the Japanese equivalent. Well!

The US got that one costume pack while the Japanese side received FIVE! I didn’t like the Genji demo much, but I had to re-download it to confirm. Yup, do not like it at all and not worth it for these costumes. It’s super simple to create a Japanese account, so it’s not a super huge deal that the US side doesn’t offer it. That is unless these JP costumes can’t be used with the US game. THAT would suck.

Janky costume damage
I enjoyed the Ikki Tousen anime and follow the US translated manga (re-titled Battle Vixens) from Tokyo Pop, so I was excited by the news of a Ikki Tousen videogame. After seeing these screens, that is no longer the case. It really looks half-assed.

I do find the costume damage amusing though. However, not amusing enough to ever want to play the game.


Robbie said...

Pretty darn cool anyway!

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