Thursday, May 31, 2007

That’s a fine coat you have there (UPDATED!)

Some scans have popped up revealing the newest Tekken 6 character Miguel. The matador outfit is sort of cliché, but check out that luxurious fur-like coat. UPDATE: Some better pics have surfaced for Tekken 6. Here is a much better look at Miguel's coat:

And now we have a good look at Zafina's other outfit too:

I couldn’t find Odin Sphere at the EBs I checked so ended up just ordering it through Amazon. Yes, I could have “pre-ordered” it to ensure a copy, but to hell with that jazz. On the bright side, a friend was able to get me a copy of the Odin Sphere art book that shipped with first editions of the game in Japan. It’s very, very nice. I was contemplating bidding on one off eBay, but the asking prices are getting too high. As much as I love the book, I wouldn’t pay more than $10-15 (I’ve seen auctions hit around $40+). I’m sure there will be a proper Odin Sphere book later that will have even more art that would actually be worth paying $40+ for.

I did end up giving EB some cash for their ongoing clearance sale. Picked up the collectors edition of Final Fantasy XII for $30. Pretty happy with that. I’m not expecting the special features disc to be anything special, but the metallic case sure is snazzy. I’m definitely not starting this until I get and finish Odin Sphere though. Still, I’m pretty psyched about it.


Kiki said...

Hehe, Miguel's outfit kinda looks to me like "fashionable hobo".
Then again, it fits his character description =p

The said...

I checked Best Buy, seven separate Gamestops/EBs, two GameCrazys, and Target, all of them were COMPLETELY cleaned out on copies of Odin Sphere.
Then, just on a far-fetched whim, I decided to give Circuit City a call. They had two, but the store wasn't very close. Another closer one had one copy. I wasn't able to reach that one, either.
I ended up going to a Circuit City not too far from my own house (I had gotten off of work when I started hunting), and they had four copies of it, just sitting on the shelf. FOUR.
Check Circuit City. They stock it, but who the hell goes to Circuit City for games, especially ones like Odin Sphere?
Good luck, and I hope this helps.


Wataru Maruyama said...

I ended up ordering from Amazon. Got is pretty quick with free shipping and no tax. I'm happy. Should get to play it next week after I'm done with Command & Conquer 3.