Friday, June 22, 2007

Tekken 6 is looking…ok

New shots were posted on Game Watch, most importantly costume customization pics. I compiled the ones for Asuke and Heihachi below.

Asuka is one of my favorite characters in Tekken 5. Her yakuza-like lady boss outfit is one of the best costumes of all time. These are all tweaks based on her standard and school girls outfits so I’m hoping there are a bunch more choices.

Heihachi is also another fav and I’m digging the full armor options he has. He had some cool accessories like an eye patch and sword in Tekken 5, so this is sort of a continuation of that samurai theme.

Overall though, I’m kind of bummed the visuals aren't jumping out at me. I’m sure the game will look plenty pretty once it’s running on home TVs, but for now it’s hard to work up a ton of enthusiasm. At worst, it’s something to play till Soul Calibur IV comes out.


Brian VH said...
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Brian VH said...

It's interesting to see the graphics for this game. The character models themselves look highpoly, with nice mapping and high quality textures, yet it's as if they completely forgot about anti-aliasing. I guess that's why it looks so unappealing, lol.

maya said...

What's up with the baby chicks in the first screenshot?

I'm thinking all the polishing will be done after they sort out the rest of the game which is why it doesn't look as good as it should.

I'm going to wait a while on this one though, it'll probably have to be a Greatest Hits before I pick it up. Soul Calibur IV I'll definately pick up immediately.

Of course I don't even own a PS3 yet so that could be a while.

Anonymous said...

The baby chicks are a special "weapon" as it were, that each character can activate. This explains why Bryan was able to use a shotgun in the trailer.

Tekken 6 leaves me a bit weary as to its quality. The trailer and screenshots provided so far aren't particularly interesting aside from the rather odd "weapons"(like Anna kicking her shoes long distance).