Thursday, July 12, 2007

VF5 360 costume boost + RRXX extras

I’m just going to quote this article found here. “The 360 version (of VF5) will sport 75% more costumes to dress up your players with. To make it easier to collect all of these items, more money is given to you right off the bat in quest mode and it has been made slightly easier to obtain gold in the game.”

75% more AND online versus play? Too cool beyond words. Also sounds like more could be coming via DLC.

Second set of Rumble Roses XX DLC
The descriptions on the most recent set of downloadable outfits were very vague, but thankfully GEL posted this screen below. At first glance they appear to only be additional colors, but they also have different logos and textures. It’s ok I guess. Up to this point, I bought 6 costumes from the first wave and 2 from this one. That’s $8 extra you got from me Konami, now get to working on a new RR game!

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Kiki said...

AM-2 take note: put Sarah, Pai, Aoi (especially Aoi!!) and Vanessa in skimpy leather outfits.
Then I'll buy 2 copies of your game! ;)