Thursday, August 30, 2007

War of the Grail

I vaguely remember seeing this mentioned at Japanese arcade shows, but it quickly blew off the radar.

Found these promotional scans and liked the character designs. The few videos that can be found online are disappointing in that they reveal a Dynasty Warriors-style rip-off. Not a great looking one at that either.

At least you can still enjoy the artwork.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The art of Rapture

Like the majority of my friends list, I’m playing BioShock. Of course there’s not much in the way of costumes, but the overall aesthetics are simply incredible. I like how everything is rooted in that old timey look, but also incorporate the natural evolvement of a society that has been separated from outside influence.

While I’m excited to finish the game to see what happens, I’m also amped to finally be able to look through the art book. There are warnings that it is spoiler filled. In case you had somehow missed the news, you can download the book for free off of the official site.

Soul Calibur bonus
I randomly stumbled across this create-a-character art from Soul Calibur III that I can’t recall ever seeing in this larger format. So here it is in case you missed it too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No More Heroes

Despite its many flaws, I loved the hell out of Killer 7. Everything I’ve seen for No More Heroes is pushing the same style buttons for me as well.

The official site doesn’t have a ton of info, but it does have some snazzy character art and a handful of screens. No US release date yet, but it can’t be that far off. Can it?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot Shots Golf = Color Swaps (UPDATED!)

Costume screens of Hot Shots Golf PS3 are starting to appear on Japanese forums. The bad news is that it looks like there is only one main outfit with multiple palette swaps. Some of the color options have designs making things a tad more interesting, but it’s still very disappointing.

RRXX DLC costume viewer (UPDATE: Link to site now added!)
Konami’s Rumble Roses XX costume updates descriptions have been cryptic to say the least. It was hard to know what you were getting until you or someone else bought it and posted a photo. Now you can see exactly what the new DLC will look like! You can only see the fashion results on Reiko though. Very cool!

(UPDATE: New item) Soul Calibur IV boobarama continues
This is getting embarrassing. Scans from Famitsu have hit the web (I grabbed this one off NeoGaf, but they are appearing on many other forums) that show off Sophitia and Casandra. They are, um...bursting. I'm also disappointed to see very minor changes to their outfits that don't involve making them more see-through or skimpier.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Next GET

I’m ready to jump back into a good game after a brief hiatus after beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Eventually Sigma will get played some more on the harder difficulties and the Mission modes, but getting new hairstyles is not motivating me as much as new outfits do.

After finishing the last Potter book, Grim Grimoire is looking like the most appealing choice currently on my shelf. There’s a heavy time commitment involved here, but that’s true for the other two options being mulled over. Like Odin Sphere, I love the character and sprite designs.

Speaking of Odin Sphere, I left off after finishing the first two characters. There isn’t an urgency to go back since there is a neat story recap feature that will let me return at my leisure.

Persona 3 comes out in two weeks and has been getting a good deal of buzz. I’ve always admired the art style and played one of the earlier titles on the PlayStation. The fact that I don’t play many RPGs has limited the overall appeal of the series for me, but this latest one has enough hooks that it might suck me in.

Still, if I was going to dive into a RPG, I really should start playing FF XII. Then again, Bioshock also comes out towards the end of the month and that will demand immediate attention.

None of the above mentioned games have much in the way of obtainable costumes (that I know of), but all have their own unique aesthetic point-of-view that helps them stand out.