Thursday, August 23, 2007

The art of Rapture

Like the majority of my friends list, I’m playing BioShock. Of course there’s not much in the way of costumes, but the overall aesthetics are simply incredible. I like how everything is rooted in that old timey look, but also incorporate the natural evolvement of a society that has been separated from outside influence.

While I’m excited to finish the game to see what happens, I’m also amped to finally be able to look through the art book. There are warnings that it is spoiler filled. In case you had somehow missed the news, you can download the book for free off of the official site.

Soul Calibur bonus
I randomly stumbled across this create-a-character art from Soul Calibur III that I can’t recall ever seeing in this larger format. So here it is in case you missed it too.


Kiki said...

Meido FTFW!! ^_^

Y'know, I actually would play a fighter that was like SC -- but with only meido (and combat butlers, they're ok too ;) Namco, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

just a quick FYI, those are the 3 different shopkeepers from the last Soul Calibur game

Wataru Maruyama said...

Aha! Shopkeepers!

FUNNYMAN said...

Bioshock is amazing from start to finish. I wonder if there will be a sequel?

Anonymous said...

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