Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Next GET

I’m ready to jump back into a good game after a brief hiatus after beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Eventually Sigma will get played some more on the harder difficulties and the Mission modes, but getting new hairstyles is not motivating me as much as new outfits do.

After finishing the last Potter book, Grim Grimoire is looking like the most appealing choice currently on my shelf. There’s a heavy time commitment involved here, but that’s true for the other two options being mulled over. Like Odin Sphere, I love the character and sprite designs.

Speaking of Odin Sphere, I left off after finishing the first two characters. There isn’t an urgency to go back since there is a neat story recap feature that will let me return at my leisure.

Persona 3 comes out in two weeks and has been getting a good deal of buzz. I’ve always admired the art style and played one of the earlier titles on the PlayStation. The fact that I don’t play many RPGs has limited the overall appeal of the series for me, but this latest one has enough hooks that it might suck me in.

Still, if I was going to dive into a RPG, I really should start playing FF XII. Then again, Bioshock also comes out towards the end of the month and that will demand immediate attention.

None of the above mentioned games have much in the way of obtainable costumes (that I know of), but all have their own unique aesthetic point-of-view that helps them stand out.

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