Friday, October 12, 2007

Fashion May Cry

I haven’t been interested in the Devil May Cry series since the first game, but the 4th installment is looking pretty kick ass. All that goodwill nearly went down the toilet when I caught sight of this ridiculous looking mask, gauntlets, and boots combo above. I mean really, they’re flat out embarrassing.

I say “nearly went down the toilet ” because the look of something is only half the story in a game. Check out how the gauntlets are literally exploding with destructive force and the boots whir like crazed spurs from hell. They look like they’ll be an utter blast to use and see in action. How they look standing still is another matter, but how often do you do that in a DMC game?

Another interesting development is the evolution of Lady. She had this spunky, schoolgirl-theme outfit complete with ammo backpack and skirt. My favorite part about her original look is actually her hair. Lucky for me then that it’s somewhat still the same for her DMC4 look, but now she’s featuring more of a business travel assassin vibe.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new pseudo-suit. We’ll have to see if they explain how she got to this stage in her fashion life and if it works into her play mechanics.

Friday, October 05, 2007

All in the presentation

As much as I love the look of Valkyrie of the Battlefield, there was something about Alicia’s outfit that bothered me. It wasn’t until I saw a cosplay version that it hit me…the armor bits!

Viewed within the confined visual style of the game, you almost don’t even register it as hard armor. Seeing it in the harsh light of reality makes it readily apparent this outfit does not work well outside its context.

It’s still a minor gripe and easy to overlook since it blends in well with the period artwork. If you have access to the Japanese PSN store, you absolutely must download the HD trailer for this game.