Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Holiday Costume Outlook

Guitar Hero III - I picked this up the other day and hope to have some costume pics next week. Once again there is at least one alternate outfit, but there are a whole bunch more color and style variations. Hopefully there are more than what I’ve seen already.

Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 – I haven’t had time to pick this up, but I’m both excited and a bit intimidated by its promise of 75% more items to buy/unlock over the PS3 version.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles – RE games almost always have extra costumes although I’m not sure how useful it will be since you don’t see your character that much. These snow outfits are new. Most likely they are just tied to a new level and not something that is unlocked. We’ll see.

Folklore – Aside from VF5, this probably has the most costume potential. It’s been out for a few weeks and I’ve been waiting to see if there is some holiday sale before committing.

Soul Calibur Legends – None of the footage or screens I’ve seen so far reveal extra outfits. This is going to greatly depend on impulses at the store that week.

Rock Band – I don’t know if there are featured characters like in GH so that will determine whether outfits are involved. At this point I’m only planning on buying the game (that is if the GH controller still works with it) and picking up drums whenever they become available (I already have mics).


Nachomon said...

I like very much the graphics of RE:Umbrella chronicles. Nice style. These suits for Jill and Chris are sure for an specific chapter into the game. It seems there are specific suits for each chapter. Jill appears with her S.T.A.R.S uniform on RE chapter and with her sexy miniskirt on RE3 chapter.

erdraug said...

Concerning VF5 on the xbox (ver.C), yeah, there's a bazillion items to collect and the customisation is exensive (and sexy). there's also the promise of version D, with even more items and customised intros, on the japanese arcades at least.

The only controversy is with Vanessa's skin colour, this would be interesting for this site to look into.

Anonymous said...

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Horror Clown said...

I'd rather try something 'drastic' to shock the people i know, e.g. by wearing a proper mask !!