Friday, December 21, 2007

Xmas GET

I finally took a decent shot of Mass Effect, but it’s not of the armor I’ve been talking about. Those lucky enough to have purchased the Limited Collector’s Edition were treated to a fairly nice bonus disc containing soundtrack selections, gamer pics/themes, and making of docs. The star attraction for me is the illustration galleries because they include COMMENTARY! The artist involved talks about each illustration and the process surrounding it. Some extremely interesting chatter about how they developed the costumes and overall aesthetics of the game.

The first free costume pack for Folklore is available now on the PSN store and features a Christmas theme. One other pack for each character was released previously costing $3.99 for one or $5.99 if you get both at the same time. I think in the Japanese store, there are two more mission packs already out. Each pack has one new costume and several added missions. I still want to get Folklore eventually so it’s nice to see it getting continual support.

For those like me following the new Kingdom Under Fire game, the elf apparently has at least four outfits. These were on a KUF board in Korean so don’t know who to credit.

I’ve been playing a lot of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles the last two nights. It’s definitely a flawed shooter, but incredibly addicting if you try for “S” or even “A” rankings in each stage. As I guessed, there are no costumes to unlock. Another Wii shooter that does feature costume unlocking is Ghost Squad. I’ll have to look into that one later. It’s fairly cheap so perhaps there’s a chance I’ll get it as a stocking stuffer.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Closer look at SCIV details

Some new Soul Calibur IV shots have surfaced on several online sites. It’s impressive how each of the items draped across/holding together the outfits appear to be separate objects. Impressive because there are numerous and extremely detailed.

In the last SCIV trailer, there was a cut scene where Hilde was speaking and I wasn’t sure it was the same character model you play as. A slight-of-hand technique in older titles was to boost up the in-game character models only in cut scenes. The shot above hopefully means it’s high quality models all the time.

I’m also loving the cloak draped over the wolf shoulder armor. I didn’t look closely at the trailers to see if it flows convincingly on top of it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Love Golf/Costumes

Updates have been waaay behind mainly due to me replacing sleep with playing Mass Effect. Tried taking some digi pics of the armor, but the quality is super crappy. I’ll try one of my older cameras and see what happens.

Capcom’s upcoming We Love Golf has captured my attention. Similar to Tecmo’s recent Wii golf games, you’ll be able to unlock famous character outfits for your player. The big difference tipping the odds in Capcom’s favor is that the game is developed by Camelot, developers of the original Hot Shots Golf and the later Mario Golf titles.

These initial shots already cover a variety of genres and styles so here’s hoping that the costume count is fairly sizable. I assumed there wouldn’t be a great stand alone golf game for the Wii until Nintendo made one, but We Love Golf is looking pretty sweet to me.

I haven't read anything that would prompt me to look into Soul Calibur Legends as far as alternate outfits or gameplay is concerned. The official site did update their wallpaper section.