Friday, December 14, 2007

Closer look at SCIV details

Some new Soul Calibur IV shots have surfaced on several online sites. It’s impressive how each of the items draped across/holding together the outfits appear to be separate objects. Impressive because there are numerous and extremely detailed.

In the last SCIV trailer, there was a cut scene where Hilde was speaking and I wasn’t sure it was the same character model you play as. A slight-of-hand technique in older titles was to boost up the in-game character models only in cut scenes. The shot above hopefully means it’s high quality models all the time.

I’m also loving the cloak draped over the wolf shoulder armor. I didn’t look closely at the trailers to see if it flows convincingly on top of it.



Soulcalibur looks swell, but there's little happening with it now. You should check out Tekken 6- tons of vids online and the Character Customization is given to a lot of varied looks for the fighters. ^_^

collinevan said...

They've always done a great job of costuming these characters. I can only expect better to come.

Makes me wonder when I'll see some true Soul Caliber cosplay.