Monday, January 28, 2008

Seung Mina appears

It’s been tougher than normal to get to some good updates due to a recent major life event. Catching up on some recent items:

Lost Planet PS3
I really wish they were porting Dead Rising to PS3 and adding new characters. I had a good time with Lost Planet on 360, but it’s not a title I want to play again (at least until the proper sequel comes out).

Hats for everyone
Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom has been dogged by terrible reviews and based off the demo I played, I would agree with them. Even so I’m keeping track of the many costume developments just in case there is something so amazing that makes me want to give it a second chance. The packs that have been released are pretty lame, especially since you have to buy them!

Virtua Fighter 5 Online patch and custom packs
A few weeks ago a cool patch for VF5 360 came out introducing a host of fixes. The cool thing is that the patch allows you to mix and match some pants from different costume sets (pants from costume A can now be used with costume B, etc). Doesn’t sounds like much, but it should make for some great combinations. Three other packs that you have to buy are also out now, but I haven’t been able to find any pics online. Based off forum posts, the first pack is pretty good, but the other two are crappy. VF5 360 is still on my “eventually buy” list so I can’t test anything out just yet.

Seung Mina/Maxi/Yun-Seong
Pics of Seung Mina, Maxi, and Yun-Seong from Soul caliber IV have started to make the rounds. Seung Mina appears to have received the upper body boost that all the ladies are sporting in SCIV. It’s strange that so many new screens are being released regularly for SCIV, but not very much for Tekken 6, which is supposed to come out sooner. Odd.

No More Heroes
There’s been almost no time for recreational gaming since the baby, but I still had to buy No More Heroes. I loved Killer 7 and I’ve been following NMH for a long time. Sounds like the game has gameplay flaws and I’m prepared for them.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Tekken 6 + RR Update

Screens of the various costume customizations are being posted on the Tekken Zaibatsu forums. It’s nice to see how the patterns and colors can dramatically change the feel of the same article of clothing.

It would be preferable if there were more totally brand new clothing items, but it’s better than nothing. I’m definitely hoping they make unlocking the outfits easier this time. It took way too long to earn enough credits to buy all the variations last time, so I only did it for a few select characters.

Next RR?
I didn’t get a chance to respond to the comments from the last post before this update so I’ll put my two cents here about whether there will be another Rumble Roses game. The best possible outcome would be a true sequel on the PS3. They did an amazing job utilizing the power of the 360 (and even the PS2 version was impressive from a technical standpoint), so a PS3 upgrade should dazzle.

My gut feeling on what is most likely to happen is a follow up to the 360 version that re-uses many of the same models. The big difference this time is the game will be designed from the beginning to make its real money from DLC like Idol Master. There will be some new modes and arenas, but expect a slew of costumes and accessories, maybe even queen’s match penalties for purchase.

Their experiment in DLC for RRXX probably showed them that they have a core audience that will eat this up and make up for the lower overall sales of the actual game.

I have no clue if the DLC sold well or not, but my guess is it did pretty good. I also think the series may get a new name and retain only the most popular characters while adding in new ones. DLC performance should easily tell them who gamers will purchase outfits for and who they won’t.

Plausible or not?