Friday, February 29, 2008

Fes! Yes!

I’ve dabbled only casually in the Persona games over the years. Loved that it was a RPG set in modern Japan, but something about it never propelled me past the first few hours. I was sure P3 would finally be "the one" based on everything I had read and watched about it. Several time a Persona 3 purchase was very close, but a lack of time was always the big deterrent.

Up until a few days ago, P3 was still on my Amazon wishlist, but it has not been retired…only to get quickly replaced with the updated Fes (well, not yet since it’s not listed officially on Amazon yet)! To get the original game plus 30 extra hours of story and new costumes (and the ability to change into them regularly) for just $30 is just fantastic. It might take me a few months, even years even to get to though.

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