Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I don’t get the Kos-Mos thing

Is it because she is an android who wears skimpy clothing? Maybe it’s because she/it is supposed to be super powerful? Whatever “it” is I don’t get it. I never played any of the Xenogears games and probably never will. So for the two people who keep emailing me to profile Kos-Mos, this mini-rant is about all I’ve got.

I’m loving that the PS2 is still getting new games, especially when they are as niche as Arcana Heart. There isn’t much in the way of multiple costumes that I know of, but it will be relatively cheap and has a decent reputation as a fun game.

While we’re on the topic of fighters, there are more on the horizon than any in recent memory. Below is a handy GET! percentage of the multiple/edit costumes bonus. Massive GET!, Great GET!, So-so GET!, Poor GET!, Terrible GET!

Soul Calibur IV (360/PS3) 70% GET!
Tekken 6 (PS3, Arcade)85% GET!
Street Fighter IV (Arcade, 360, PS3)35% GET!
King of Fighters XII (Arcade, 360, PS3) 20% GET!
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 (PS2) 10% GET!
World Heroes Anthology (PS2)5% GET!
Samurai Shodown Sen (Arcade) 40% GET!
BluBlaze (Arcade) 15% GET!
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii) 10% GET!
Virtua Fighter 5 R (Arcade)80% GET!
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (360, PS3) 5% GET!


Anonymous said...

Wataru san,
alot of people were into Kosmos cause they've played her on all episode of's hard to like her if you haven't played any of the games, like any other games you can't know the character that well without playing...example snake from MGS, cloud from FF7 etc,etc

Ariel said...

Yes, I agree with nekotails, KOS-MOS is a great character, if you played Xenosaga 1 to 3. Also she has several changes in costumes during the 3 episodes of the game. She was very well developed story-wise. Just my two cents, as a rpg fan Xenosaga and Kos-Mos were a great experience. Anyway I would choose Karin from Shadow hearts Covenant as my all time female character.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the KOS MOS thing either. Guess it's just a moe thing. Same deal with Rei from Eva. By the way, what's the GET thing all about?

erdraug said...

Nice idea comparing costumes in various beat-em-up games. Maybe you could write a more detailed review soon?

Maverynthia said...

I think your right, she's just another big breasted android in skimpy clothes that somehow wants to be human or something.

I wonder where the skimpy clothed male androids are hiding... >_>

RedRaven said...

Yes, lets all agree that Kos Mos is just another way of objectifying women. On other topics, lets talk about how Ky and Sol are totally gay for each other because Sol bawled like a girl when Ky was killed in the radio drama.

I guess you don't like skimpy Ziggy in Xenosaga 3 or chaos for that matter...

Anonymous said...

2 words (after these apperently)

Sex Sells...

the skimpyness is for the fanboys...

Anonymous said...

I would have nevr gotten into Xenosaga at all if it weren't for this one poll on that featured kos-mos, thanks to her looks i got into that most confusing but suprisingly fun rpg series and looked into xenogears as well that stuff is seriously ridiculous in a good way

Anonymous said...

Kos-Mos Skimmy "clothing" is more than mere clothing and unlike much media selling sex says she cant even take off said clothes.

And to further the point Her Helmet emitts the Long Range Hilbert Effect allowing the Enemy to be beaten back into deep space

Kos-mos female only in thinking so as she is a machine which is exemplified time and again in the game, and thinks "her" self no less than a machine

I think the draw to her , is the fact that she looks like a cute girl whom would just as well shoot you if you where in the way of her target if her thought even for a nano second that it would be be helpful to the mission and your lose would minimal as compaired to giving the enemy a chance to dodge or use you as a sheild,,, there is something thats morbidly kool about that!

and yes she is sexy but whats wrong with that so is
Fran , Tifa , Yuna , the girls of Ikki tousen , the dirty pair , to name a few if we are gonna hold that against games then i guess ill have to throw away all my games! Damb!<-like the beavers build!

Anonymous said...

KOS-MOS is HARDLY skimpy. There are plenty of other anime/video game characters that are FAR worst than KOS-MOS.

I'm a girl and I find her very design very elegant and tasteful. Even her bikini costumes are a far cry from something totally degrading.

She's a respectable character, written and design wise. She's gorgeous and strong I can't help but find myself holding her character in high regard.

...Kossy fanboys can be scary though...

But it's wrong to judge her as such.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above, KOS-MOS is nowhere near the modern-day term 'skimpy.' Far from it. And I think someone mentioned her being large-breasted? I don't see all (besides some fanart >.>). I have much respect for this character, and obviously if you know nothing about her besides being in a video game, who are you to judge?

As a side note, I used to do the "What's the big deal with...anyway?" type thing, but I've long learned to hold my thoughts before pulling one of those again. Mainly because it's just plain ignorant. There's a good lesson.

Anonymous said...

I played xenosaga episode 2 and all I can say is that I didn't really get into it that much but KOS-MOS and Second Miltia were unquestionably very good. It's to do with sci fi mostly, she fits very well. I think she shoould make a lot more cameos.
She is unlike many of the degraded examples of women in games today. In episode 2 she wasn't skimpy, in fact she was mostly blue.
In conclusion it is the sci fi aspect that is most attractive, not so much skimpy as shiny to sci fi magpies.

Anonymous said...

Kossy fanboys are scary? So I'm guessing those "Sexy No Jutsu" fanboys are okay or [sexy female here] fanboys are fine to hang out with.

Singling out KosMos fanboys as scary makes you an idiot. I wish it was legal to kill retards like you.

darkmuse said...

Soul Calibur IV and TEKkEN6 are the best of course!! oter games also good, but these ones are just masterpieces!!!