Friday, March 28, 2008

SC IV Flood

The Soul Calibur IV character shots are starting to flow like crazy now. First up is a scan of the new character Angol Fear. It’s hard to tell how she looks in-game from this, but her character art is kind of…interesting.

Up next is Amy who I was fond of in SCIII. Hopefully her moves are fully fleshed out this time.

I like Cervantes less and less with each new game. I think that trend will continue in IV.

Jury is still out on Zasalamel. I like the overall character design (not so much the look above, but with the hood), but he was so damn cheap in SCIII that it clouded my opinion of him.

Monday, March 24, 2008


The newest Soul Calibur IV character to be revealed is Scheherazade. She belongs to a secret forest tribe. Umm…okay.

I haven’t seen any video of her in motion, but I’m not too crazy about her look from these screens. Actually, most of her outfit would be fine if it wasn’t for that damn beret with the feather. It’s like they needed something that would make her look more innocent yet mysterious at the same time. The French are mysterious right?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was chatting with some folks over lunch about what kind of PS3 Home features would trump 360 achievement points. In the case of Soul Calibur IV, you’re looking at Yoda exclusive and achievement points vs PS3’s Darth Vader and…? If the rumored launch of Home is actually July, it’s faintly possible SCIV could have some Home support. If so, what would it have to be to make you choose the PS3 over the 360 version?

Taking a look at what has been announced for Resistance, Warhawk, and Uncharted, it seems that walking around some of the battle stages in SCIV should be possible. I’d want items to customize my Home pad or maybe some tasteful wearable items. That’s probably asking too much for anything launching this year though.

As far as actually playing games, I’m way behind. I haven’t even picked up Super Smash Bros yet.