Friday, March 28, 2008

SC IV Flood

The Soul Calibur IV character shots are starting to flow like crazy now. First up is a scan of the new character Angol Fear. It’s hard to tell how she looks in-game from this, but her character art is kind of…interesting.

Up next is Amy who I was fond of in SCIII. Hopefully her moves are fully fleshed out this time.

I like Cervantes less and less with each new game. I think that trend will continue in IV.

Jury is still out on Zasalamel. I like the overall character design (not so much the look above, but with the hood), but he was so damn cheap in SCIII that it clouded my opinion of him.


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Anonymous said...

I cant make my choice. I love both of THEM!!! 50/50

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darkmuse said...

agree with Nigrilaforever, both of them are so great!! so hard to make a choice

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