Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plethora of characters - UPDATED

New and returning Soul Calibur IV characters are coming out of the woodwork faster than I can remember to write something about it. Two of the most recent have caught my eye.

Shura was designed by Hiroya Oku, the guy behind the Gantz series (which I love). Her outfit is a bit on the trashy side, but I dig it. It’s such a bizarre combination - stylized chaps, thong, swords, and massive skull shoulder armor. It shouldn’t be appealing yet it is, at least to me.

Ashlotte is easily the coolest guest-created character so far. Designed by Oh Great! (Tenjho Tenge, Air Gear), Ashlotte looks like a true maiden of death. She has a deceptively cute face and outfit that diverts your attention from the sharp iron dress frame and deadly spear ready to slice you open.

UPDATED: Original post only had the two-page scan. Nice large non-watermarked pics were just posted on strategy informer. Sweet.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Costly costumes

The good news is that Ninja Gaiden II will have three downloadable costumes for Ryu in July. The bad news is each will cost 200 MS points ($2.50). I’m kind of stunned. That’s a lot of money per outfit. This will suck even more if there aren’t any “free” costumes in the game to unlock.

Although I’ve been a big Ninja Gaiden fan, there are aspects of II that I’m not looking forward to. One is the massive amounts of gore, Two - the lackluster Sonia designs, Three – the game doesn’t look significantly better than Sigma for PS3, Four – there doesn’t appear to be another playable character in the game, Five – and now it appears we’ll be gouged for extras costumes that used to be free.

Previously Team Ninja charged for unlocking costumes already in the game for folks who didn’t have 100 hours to accomplish those tasks. The prices were sky high if you wanted to buy everything (I think it was like $300+), but it wasn’t that bad if you purchased items for just one or two characters.

This development with NGII makes me dread what will happen to extra costumes in a new Dead or Alive fighting game or DOA Xtreme.