Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally, Tekken 6 update!

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion adds two new characters and a host of upgrades to the regular arcade version. The gal you see up top (source Majoria's News) is Alisa Bosconovitch and she happens to be some type of humanoid robot. That last name should be familiar to long time Tekken fans as the same as the mechanized Dr. Bosconovitch who was playable in Tekken 3 (I think, my memory is fuzzy). The other character is some dude named Lars. You can check them out on the official site.  

New items!

The hair option could be cool.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exclusive Dress Up mode?

D3 has updated their Onechanbara 360 page and it reveals an exciting development:

"Exclusive Dress-Up Mode – Go behind the scenes to expose the hottest samurai wardrobe on the planet. Unlock an arsenal of customized clothing and looks to maximize and personalize the Onechanbara experience."

I don't know if this means the mode is exclusive to the US version and that it wasn't in the Japanese release or just that the exclusive is different from the US Wii version. Have to look into that.

They also posted a new box on the page. No release date yet although I've read that it might be 2009 now.

UPDATE: Amazon lists both the 360 and Wii versions as Feb 17, 2009 while EB only has the Wiii for Feb 10th, 2009.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It’s vented

The first shots of Tomb Raider Underworld that came out months ago did nothing for me. It just seemed like Uncharted for the PS3 raised the bar on how these types of games should look. Then, slowly, more screens and movies appeared as well as cool art and the reveal of a new live action Lara model. 

First, let me say that this piece of art above is pure awesome. I have no clue if it has anything to do with the game (does she actually fight sharks in the open ocean?), but I like it. I also like wetsuits that almost look like thin leather armor, but I digress.

The new Lara model does not offend me as much as the last, mostly because her outfit makes fewer nonsensical alterations. There are two subtle improvements in the new design worth noting, one is the backpack straps across her upper torso. Very strategic location that is both functional and accentuate the chest. Speaking of chest, her side boobs now have vents. Vents people. 

SCIV update
I’ve been massively sidetracked by Bionic Commando Rearmed, but still managed to be on the cusp of unlocking the majority of armor and items in Soul Calibur IV. Once completed, I’ll start posting my creations for anyone still playing SCIV.