Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Velvet Christmas

Aside from Fallout 3, I haven't unlocked many outfits recently. On the bright side, I saw that new outfits for the upcoming game Velvet Assassin were released today. Just in time for the holidays!

This is the outfit the main character appears to wear on the cover. It's a very nice, retro rocketeer-looking leather suit. A good start.

You can't infiltrate Nazi headquarters without an outfit like this. I wonder if they made this for her before going in or if she found this on location since it seems to fit so well.

I love the unique boots. Elevates what would otherwise be generic street clothes.

Because of the blood stains, I'm guessing you are only going to be able to use this outfit in one specific mission/stage. Would be interesting albeit unrealistic if it was at your disposal any time.

Monday, December 01, 2008

GET! deals alert

There have been sales all weekend long on some great games and a few more popped up today for “cyber Monday”. Check the full list here.

Among the games listed that have costume options are Saint’s Row 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, Golden Axe Beastrider ($20!), Little Big Planet, Fable II, and Rockband 2.

My favorite deal? It’s Persona 3 FES WITH artbook and soundtrack CD (previously only available with the limited edition of the regular non-FES Persona 3) for $19.99!!! If I ever have time for a RPG, this is tops on my list.