Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Extra SFIV costumes = extra money

Turns out those cool costumes shown in the video linked in the post below carry a cost. Quotes from this story:

"Over in Japan, Capcom will offer a series of five costume packs released one pack per week, with the first pack arriving on the game's February 12 launch date. Each pack will include an alternate costume for five characters.

Pricing for the packs is set at 400 yen (about $4.48) on the PS3 and 320 MS Points on the 360. Following the release of all five packs, Capcom will release a combo pack which includes all 25 costumes at a discount price. This will cost 1,200 yen ($13.44) on the PS3 and 1,000 MS Points on the 360."

The only things you unlock for free are extra characters and additional colors for existing costumes. That tempers my excitement a bit, but I'll probably buy them once they are bundled.


Ujn said...

Hope these are included in the CE

Ujn said...

Argh! Capcom burns us just like Namco! Making you pay for an unlock code! These costumes are already on the disc.

Anonymous said...

Greedy bastards. It's bad enough that you can't backup the saved game data, now they want to milk 20 per cent over the already staggering PS3 game price.

I call on all SFIV players to boycott this "costume" marketing thing. Force them to stop lusting after our money in such economic times, and release the damn costumes.