Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Onechanbara DLC (UPDATED)

I was checking around to see if anyone had posted a video of the various unlockable Onechanbara costumes since I only want to focus on the ones that look good and came up empty. I did happen upon this DLC listing on the XBL site.

According to some other posts, there are other DLC out there as well. The only catch is they all cost money. Only this Aya "Legacy" costume is free. I'll look into the next time I log in from my console.

Quick pick from the official site. Also pictured are three characters you can purchase and play as.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Shots of Sheva's secret costume were posted by Kotaku to add even more anticipation to the release of Resident Evil 5 tomorrow.

It looks like Sheva has two alternate outfits, the one above and another called "Clubbin". Chris also has two outfits as does the other Mercenaries in the game. This short video clip gives a nice glimpse of what's available in the game. There are other videos floating around showing the costumes, but they are filled with spoilers so watch out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomb Raider costumes multiplying

Lara’s Shadow, the second DLC for Tomb Raider Underworld just came out along with the free Designer Costume Pack. That’s a pretty good amount of alternate gear when you count the outfits from the Beneath the Ashes DLC and the two previous free costume packs.

That prompted me to look up how much Underworld is selling for these days. The official price seems to still be around $49, but you can find brand new copies for around $25 on eBay. I would want to get both DLC (800 microsoft points each) so there’s another $20 right there for a total of $45. Not too shabby.

I’m in no hurry though. Street Fighter IV has been keeping me busy. I ended up purchasing the ladies costume pack for that one. Fallout 3 has also been getting some play time as I’m going through the Operation Alaska DLC again, this time with a secondary character. My original level 20 is a guy, but there is an awesome ninja outfit that would look a whole lot better on my level 9 female character.

Then after that, there’s more Onechanbara yet to play. If I’m lucky, there’s maybe a ½ hour of gaming I can squeeze in per night, so Lara might have to wait a while.