Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Losing costumes from damaged save files and red rings

During a speed run on RE5 to unlock the rocket launcher, my 360 froze during a save point rendering the file corrupt and wiping out all data. I had wanted to move on to another game so there wasn’t as much anger as there should have been. A few days later, the 360 red ringed. I checked what type and it’s the dreaded internal hardware variety that has to get fixed by MS. My console was still covered since this is my second red ring.

Then I remembered I wanted to snap some shots of the costumes for this blog and the anger returned. Getting all the emblems to unlock Tribal Sheva was a huge pain in the ass and so was unlocking everything in Mercenaries mode. It’s good that the Street Fighter IV DLC was purchased on the PS3 and not 360. I’m trying to see if it’s possible to shift all my gaming to the PS3. The only drawback is that I’m hugely addicted to Fallout 3 and all the DLC is 360 exclusive. I was also in the process of downloading Outrun arcade. Seems MS was wise to shell out the money for exclusive 360 DLC after all.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

DLC video and Sheva update

This link goes to a very good video that shows off all the items you get from the Onechanbara DLC for the Xbox 360. I would embed it here, but that feature was disabled by the uploader. The total package is 1600 MS points ($20) which is way too much for what you get. Half that price and I’m interested again.

I’ve had to do a lot of work related things for Resident Evil 5 which gave me the chance to unlock all the outfits for Chris and Sheva in the main game. I’ll get to the Mercenaries mode eventually because I’d like to unlock the Jill outfits as well. Too bad you can’t play as Jill in the main game. Now that would be a DLC worth purchasing (as long as it featured new cut scenes as well) instead of the versus mode that was just released.