Friday, May 15, 2009

Convince me PSP

The rumored PSP revision to be unveiled at E3 has me curious, but it would take a lot to get me to bite. The screens for Soul Calibur and Tekken 6 for PSP are a step in the right direction. The character models look great although it’s easy to see the difference from the console versions.

I could opt for Tekken 6 portable instead of getting it on a console since I might have more time to play fighters on the road than at home. Or I could be talked into getting both versions if you could use the same save file between the PS3 and PSP. Especially if there was some unlocking bonus for using both versions.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

360 is back - UPDATED

So the drama is all over and the repaired Xbox 360 is back home. All told it took a little under 2 ½ weeks from the day I mailed the system to the day I got it back. Finding my own packaging instead of waiting for a coffin definitely sped the process up.

Now that it’s back, most of the anger has subsided although I’ll still have to think hard about multi-format versions of games. Gonna tackle the last two Fallout DLC, the Pitt and Broken Steel. I’ve actually got the itch to pop in Rockband 2 which I haven’t played a whole lot of. I have to remember to take some pics of my custom character and the various outfits I earned/purchased. I wonder if the Beatles game will have any of that or if I can import my character into that game? Doubt it.

Some of the anger returned when I remembered that any games installed to the hard drive would have to get re-installed since the model # of system they send you back is different (meaning they send you back the first available repaired 360 and not your own 360). There were only like 3 or so fully installed games, but man it does take a while for each. I also need to re-download any Live arcade titles so I can play them offline. Boo!