Wednesday, May 13, 2009

360 is back - UPDATED

So the drama is all over and the repaired Xbox 360 is back home. All told it took a little under 2 ½ weeks from the day I mailed the system to the day I got it back. Finding my own packaging instead of waiting for a coffin definitely sped the process up.

Now that it’s back, most of the anger has subsided although I’ll still have to think hard about multi-format versions of games. Gonna tackle the last two Fallout DLC, the Pitt and Broken Steel. I’ve actually got the itch to pop in Rockband 2 which I haven’t played a whole lot of. I have to remember to take some pics of my custom character and the various outfits I earned/purchased. I wonder if the Beatles game will have any of that or if I can import my character into that game? Doubt it.

Some of the anger returned when I remembered that any games installed to the hard drive would have to get re-installed since the model # of system they send you back is different (meaning they send you back the first available repaired 360 and not your own 360). There were only like 3 or so fully installed games, but man it does take a while for each. I also need to re-download any Live arcade titles so I can play them offline. Boo!

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