Saturday, June 27, 2009

Score another dollar for Tecmo aka Rio Blackjack

After purchasing DOA Blackjack Kasumi, I noticed Tecmo had another game on the app store. It's basically the same blackjack game, but stars Rio who is big in Japan, not so much here. It was listed for 99 cents so I decided to take the plunge so I could compare the two blackjack offerings (it's back up to $3.99 now). The above shot is Rio's default dealer outfit.

Rio's cowboy outfit is unlocked at the 300 chip mark.

Rio's third outfit is available after reaching 500 chips.

Rio's evening dress is unlocked at 800 chips.

The kung fu gear appears at 1000 chips.

Last, but not least the fetishy maid outfit was unlocked at 1500 chips. At least I think it was. From around the 500 chip mark, I'm not 100% sure what milestones tied into the outfits.

So which game is better? Even though Rio gives you more outfits and images US audiences probably haven't seen, it still comes down to which character you like better. If Rio was $3.99, there is no doubt I would have only bought Kasumi.

One more thing, both games require a lot of your iPhone's resources. You'll often have to power off and power on your phone to free enough memory to prevent crashes. This may not be an issue on the 3GS phones, but it definitely is for regular 3G.

Costumes of DOA Blakcjack Kasumi

Against my better judgment I purchased DOA Blackjack Kasumi version ($3.99). I shouldn't say it like that because it's not a terrible game at all. A very solid game of blackjack and a decent amount of items to unlock. It just doesn't take very long to unlock everything, even if you play just a few hands here and there. The costume you see above is her default outfit while dealing cards and in the intro screen. (sorry for the crappy pic quality. Hard to get good shots off the iPhone screen)

The player two white ninja outfit is unlocked by reaching 300 chips.

Kasumi's bikini is unlocked at 500 chips.

The last outfit I found was her cheerleader outfit at 1000 chips. I currently have about 2800 chips (that last push to 3000 is taking some time), but so far no more outfits.

I unlocked almost all of her gallery images. It's possible buying up everything could unlock one more thing. Anyone know?

Oh, one more slight embarrassing item (yes more embarrassing than the game itself). The name of the game is shortened on your app screen as "DOA BJ". I'm positive this was intentional.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tekken 6 fan packs

It’s hard to believe Tekken 6 isn’t slated for release till October. To help with the long wait, the official site has downloadable fan kits that feature hi-res art of the characters as well as screens. Some of these show off the alternate outfits for the characters.

I think I’ve seen Anna rock that coat before, but Nina’s outfit looks brand new.

Zafina’s alternate outfit is just as strange as her pose.

Original link via mognetcentral.

Hmmm Black Jack eh?

$3.99 for a Black Jack app featuring Kasumi with unlockable outfits and costume gallery is a tad expensive considering I just scored Peggle for just 99 cents yesterday. Okay, four bucks isn’t outrageous, but it’s obvious there is going to be an app for at least a few of the other Dead or Alive ladies if not all. That means it comes down to which DOA gal is your favorite and if you like playing black jack.

A cheaper alternative is the Rio Black Jack game also from Tecmo which looks exactly the same except for the character for only 99 cents.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

E3 Costume Watch

I skipped Ninja Gaiden 2 mainly because the gore was a bit too much for me. That aspect appears considerably toned down in the E3 videos of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 I’ve seen. The likelihood of a purchase increased with the news that fan favorite Rachel (and by fan I mean me) would be joining the previously announced Ayane and Momiji (from the DS NG game). I’m guessing Sonia is still in the game since that would alter the storyline.

Rachel’s outfit looks pretty much the same. Only her axe weapon thing received a makeover.

Momiji’s outfit has very strong Kasumi 2P costume influences. It fails if you look at every little costume detail, but I’m okay with it taken as a whole. She really needs an alternate outfit that is more ninja-ish.

Ayane exposes a lot more flesh and gets the requisite random pieces of metal that Ninja Gaiden costumes must have. It lacks elegance and subtlety. Wins minor points for sexiness.

The prospects of picking up Soul Calibur PSP, and also an actual PSP, also increased with the reveal that Kratos is in the game. I actually fired up Soul Calibur IV on the 360 the other night and totally forgot about all those “guest” characters that were included. Will they also be in the PSP version? Yoda and Darth Vader are almost certainly out.