Saturday, June 27, 2009

Costumes of DOA Blakcjack Kasumi

Against my better judgment I purchased DOA Blackjack Kasumi version ($3.99). I shouldn't say it like that because it's not a terrible game at all. A very solid game of blackjack and a decent amount of items to unlock. It just doesn't take very long to unlock everything, even if you play just a few hands here and there. The costume you see above is her default outfit while dealing cards and in the intro screen. (sorry for the crappy pic quality. Hard to get good shots off the iPhone screen)

The player two white ninja outfit is unlocked by reaching 300 chips.

Kasumi's bikini is unlocked at 500 chips.

The last outfit I found was her cheerleader outfit at 1000 chips. I currently have about 2800 chips (that last push to 3000 is taking some time), but so far no more outfits.

I unlocked almost all of her gallery images. It's possible buying up everything could unlock one more thing. Anyone know?

Oh, one more slight embarrassing item (yes more embarrassing than the game itself). The name of the game is shortened on your app screen as "DOA BJ". I'm positive this was intentional.


Ujn said...

You do know you can take screenshots with your iPhone right? Press the home button and the lock button at the same time, the screen will blink and your screenshot will be in your photo album.

InformationHigh said...

I think you get the cheerleader outfit before 1000 chips. There's another swimsuit that unlocks at 1000 I think. Buying all of the gallery images doesn't unlock anything new.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Oh man thanks for the screenshot tip Ujn. Thanks also IH for saving me the trouble of unlocking the rest of the gallery.

Anonymous said...

I've uplocked a fifth costum as I reach 3000+ anymore unlockable costumes after that??

Anonymous said...

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