Saturday, June 27, 2009

Score another dollar for Tecmo aka Rio Blackjack

After purchasing DOA Blackjack Kasumi, I noticed Tecmo had another game on the app store. It's basically the same blackjack game, but stars Rio who is big in Japan, not so much here. It was listed for 99 cents so I decided to take the plunge so I could compare the two blackjack offerings (it's back up to $3.99 now). The above shot is Rio's default dealer outfit.

Rio's cowboy outfit is unlocked at the 300 chip mark.

Rio's third outfit is available after reaching 500 chips.

Rio's evening dress is unlocked at 800 chips.

The kung fu gear appears at 1000 chips.

Last, but not least the fetishy maid outfit was unlocked at 1500 chips. At least I think it was. From around the 500 chip mark, I'm not 100% sure what milestones tied into the outfits.

So which game is better? Even though Rio gives you more outfits and images US audiences probably haven't seen, it still comes down to which character you like better. If Rio was $3.99, there is no doubt I would have only bought Kasumi.

One more thing, both games require a lot of your iPhone's resources. You'll often have to power off and power on your phone to free enough memory to prevent crashes. This may not be an issue on the 3GS phones, but it definitely is for regular 3G.


InformationHigh said...

The Rio game seemed to be a little more difficult. If you lose all your money in Rio, it will start you off with only 20 chips. On "DOA BJ" you get 100 chips and there's also an option to choose the difficulty in the options. I prefer the Kasumi game just because I like DOA and the character.

Ujn said...

Rio was updated when Tecmo released the re-skinned Kasumi version. You now get 100 chips again. Also, I bought Rio when it first came out for $0.99 I wouldn't buy any of these games for the $3.99 they are now!

Anonymous said...

There's one more costume for Rio, a bathing suit-Tshirt combination.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Bathing suit t-shirt eh? Do you remember how you got it?

Anonymous said...

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Genisies said...

Just to let you know, the swim suit is unlocked at 3000 chips I think.