Friday, June 12, 2009

Tekken 6 fan packs

It’s hard to believe Tekken 6 isn’t slated for release till October. To help with the long wait, the official site has downloadable fan kits that feature hi-res art of the characters as well as screens. Some of these show off the alternate outfits for the characters.

I think I’ve seen Anna rock that coat before, but Nina’s outfit looks brand new.

Zafina’s alternate outfit is just as strange as her pose.

Original link via mognetcentral.

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You really should earmark Tekken 6 as a must-get game come October or so, as it's probably sports the best customization and costume options in a mainstream fighter, aside from VF5R (which is as yet arcade-only in Japan). There are tons of options and stuff to play around with, and the console versions should have even more stuff than the arcade game. But damn they're making us wait...