Thursday, September 24, 2009

Muramasa GET!

My experience with Odin Sphere informed me that a guide with maps of the levels will be very handy to have and it has proved true so far.

The flow of the game is much better than OS. As far as I know, there are no alternate costumes in the game, but the art direction and overall visual punch clearly put this in the CosGet wheelhouse.

I plan on picking up Ninja Gaiden Sigma II next so it'll be a back-to-back dose of ninja action.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Wataru,

I do hope you enjoy Muramasa, i think its an amazing game myself, i asked some friends who own Resident Evil 5 and they said the only new things are the costumes linked in a previous entry in your blog.

I would recommend against Broken Destiny however, its kind of cut down in modes, there is an over-glorified tutorial called The Gauntlet and there is Quick Match, no arcade or story mode, the game itself is pretty decent though, and kratos is a pretty cool addition, its a bit of a shame he isn't in the ps3 version because the moveset is pretty amazing.

Thats all i got to say, well until i get the new tekken, keep up the great work.

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