Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You had me at Jill Valentine (UPDATE)

This is old news, but Resident Evil 5 Alternate was shown at the most recent Tokyo Game Show. The big hooks are that it will support the new motion wand and contains a new sub-chapter with Jill and Chris. The jury is out on the motion wand thingy, but I’m psyched for this extra story as well as playing as Jill in the main game instead of the special mission modes.

Since Capcom added costumes for the PC version, I’m betting there will be at least one more set for this update. I had an “incident” with my 360 save file so starting fresh on the PS3 is fine by me.

I checked out the PS3 Bayonetta demo via a Japanese account and the game just rocks. It’s going to be very hard to wait till January to play this. Kotaku posted some costumes in the game and they are…um…interesting? I’m not crazy about them, but I’ll take them since they are free (at least they better be)!

The closest thing to it is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 which I also finally got around to checking out in demo form. Feels pretty much like the first game with minor tweaks. It’s on my watch list for sure. Just depends on when some free time opens up and perhaps any price drops happen.

According to FedEx tracking, my Tekken 6 box should be arriving sometime today. Very excited to check out the first wireless arcade stick. I have complete faith in Hori that it will be a quality stick. I chose the 360 version since the majority of fighting games in my library are on it (Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur IV, etc). Sort of want a wireless stick for the PS3 too since my copy of SFIV is on that system.

That will have to wait a while till my wallet cools down. Maybe closer to the release of Super Street Fighter IV perhaps. I’m sure the flood of other wireless sticks and fighter pads will be in full force by then.

More Bayonetta costumes are surfacing. Original source here, which I put on my RSS after being alerted via Kotaku.

Little more classy. Sort of.