Friday, November 13, 2009

Sigma 2 DLC

I saw an update on the PlayStation blog regarding a DLC costume pack for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and got curious. A quick search revealed what they look like. The Rachel outfit is fun, but also a little bland. Might depend on the mood you're in I guess.

Momiji's outfit looks better, but it also lacks personality. She needs clothes that say "This is the real Momiji and she is ready to rock". Right now it says "I'm going to the lantern festival with friends. I hope there are no bad ninjas there".

Ayane's is probably the best of the lot and I'm not just saying that because it's the sexiest. It's a sassy dress that tells the enemy ninja they are about the get their ass kicked and they will like it and ask more more until dead. The only bizarre touch is her gloves which appear to be the same material as her leg stockings. Come on Ayane, spring for some real gloves next time. Treat youself.

Oh right, there is one more outfit, the white ninja suit for Ryu which was available as a pre-order bonus. The entire pack goes for $3.99. Whenever I pick up Sigma 2, I'm 80% sure I'll pick up this DLC. The chance goes to 100% if I can get Sigma 2 for a good price.


Anonymous said...

It helps that Sigma 2 is meant to fix a lot of issues with the original. I'd love to pick it up on the cheap myself. Those outfits look cool.

Anonymous said...

i was expecting more like extra missions or something along with the costumes, i'm a teensy bit dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

i really like ayane's costume its sexy the other's aren't to bad though

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

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