Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looks like I'm getting a PSP in April

Dead or Alive Paradise will be released for the PSP in Japan April 2nd. My first reaction was "PSP?", but these screens from have me singing a different tune. The DOA series on the PS2 certainly looked good so I guess I shouldn't be shocked at these screens.

I'm actually surprised they didn't try to squeeze this into a DSi, but glad that the choice was PSP. The storage options for potential DLC is definitely better on the Sony portable. Hopefully, the DLC plan is not to charge insane amounts of cash for automatically unlocking content already in the game. I think it was well over $300 to do so in DOAX2.


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Rob H. said...
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Rob H. said...

And Rio's the blackjack dealer now. Cool.

tiffany said...

cool game and pretty gals.

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