Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mass Effect 2 outfits

The first Mass Effect had some great looking armor, but I often had to sacrifice battle usefulness over fashion. The sequel alleviates part of that by allowing players to fully customize the color of their armor along with some patterns. Where it stumbles is that you have one “core” piece of armor that you can mix and match different parts that have specific benefits. The exceptions to that rule are the DLC armor like the one from GameStop or Amazon (the one I have) that don’t allow any mixing or matching. That’s great when starting the game and crappy when you can afford to buy upgrades.

Aside from your armor, there are a number of neat outfit options. When you’re on the Normandy, you can choose from four “casual” outfits. I completed the game and haven’t found more than the initial four although there could be some hidden somewhere?

Each of your team members has one extra outfit that can be unlocked. It’s mostly palette swaps though.


Chost said...

They should really create Mass Effect 2 costumes. The game is goign to be bigger than Halo this year.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Found you while looking for information about various unlockable outfits on Resident Evil 5, Mass Effect and other games. I too am crazy about customizing my character, since most games lead you along the storyline so rigidly, customizing your character is the one way to feel like you're "making it your own".

- Jimmus (