Friday, September 24, 2010

New Super Street Fighter IV Costume DLC Oct 26th UPDATE

Arriving a few days before Halloween is a plethora of some wild Super Street Fighter IV costumes. You can see the most of the stash here and I'll highlight some faves below.

As if Akuma needed to look even more bad-ass. Love the hood.

Ha this Cammy outfit is good fun. Ridiculous with a touch of sexy. Well done.
I need this Sagat outfit now. Looks like the final baddie from a movie.

You cant have Halloween without a sexy witch. Well, it's not quite a witch hat, but close enough.

Not sure what the homage here is (Vampire Hunter D?), but I like it anyway. Very dramatic.

UPDATE 9/25/2010: Thanks to helpful GET reader josefaxnerbelow is the trailer for the new costumes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Order Packs

I'm halfway through Metroid Other M and hoping to be done in time for Dead Rising 2 next week. After DR2 it's gonna be all Fallout: New Vegas, all the time. I haven't put in my pre-order yet so let's take a look at the bonus packs on offer.You can view the full details on the official site.

The Classic Pack (GameStop)
I never played the original Fallout so the sentimetal value of the Armored Vault 13 Suit is lost on me. That said, it's a good look. I don't know how the need for water in New Vegas is going to play out so the Vault 13 Canteen may be very useful. Stimpacks are nice, but the Weathered 10mm Pistol is not very sexy. 
Rating: So-so GET

The Tribal Pack (Amazon, Direct2Drive)
Not a big fan of the Tribal Raiding Armor from Fallout 3, but everything else in this pack sounds great. Of the four packs, the Tribal is the only one that offers a melee weapon, the Broad Machete. A machete can be used often and repaired when needed while a gun will always run low of ammo (and will also need repair). Edge machete. You also get Venom Doses that augment the damage of the machete and ten Throwing Spears. 
Rating: Highly likely GET

The Caravan Pack (Steam, Walmart)
Aww yeah now this is how you roam the wastelands in style! A total homage to Mad Max complete with Caravan Shotgun and Binoculars. The latter will probably be of little real use since you almost never want to stand vulnerable in one place unless you know there is nothing nearby rushing to kill you and that didn't happen for long in Fallout 3. The Repair Kits are very cool if they repair to 100% on their own. If the repair is still based on your skill level, then these are not that hot. 
Rating: Sexy GET

The Mercenary Pack (Best Buy)
The Lightweight Metal Armor is by far the weakest looking outfit, but most likely will offer the best protection overall. The Mercenary's Grenade Rifle sounds sweet, but ammo will be very tough to find. Super Stimpacks and Doctor's Bags round out the offerings. 
Rating: Meh GET

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Super Street Fighter IV Alternate Costumes

Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has been tweeting a ton of alternate outfits lately. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting ones:

 Chun Li's outfit from the Alpha games is one of my favorites so I'm giving this a thumbs up. Sure an original outfit would have been more exciting, but bringing back a classic is not too bad once in a while.

So you wanted original? How about Cammy in a crazy catwoman-like ensemble. It's not quite comical enough to be amusing and certainly can't be ranked as very sexy either. Not liking this one.

Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man and Fei-Long is looking quite dashing. Beating a foe down in some dapper duds is a big win. Like.

You don't need to sport a suit to look good as Ken proves in some athletic wear. This outfit is really working for me, especially the basketball top combined with the fight gloves. Like

Juri is bringing the sexy in a fairly balanced outfit. The back is fantastic with the spider-web-like supports that go well with the revealing side slits. The front is not quite as interesting, but it's not bringing down the whole affair either. I'd be more excited about this costume if I used Juri more in the game. Her fighting style does not mesh well with mine.

Saving the best for last, this Sakura outfit is ADORABLE. It's one thing to get beaten down by a character that looks scary or even cool. It's another matter entirely when the character that pummels you is dressed for a lovely summer picnic. Love it.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kasumi's New Dimensions

My Nintendo 3DS excitement had been safely stuffed in the back of the closet under some winter blankets, but the beast has been freed again thanks to these new Dead or Alive Dimensions screens courtesy of

Hopefully a solid release date will surface around Tokyo Game Show time. 
The screens continue to impress and I'm sure they look snazzier in motion and 3D.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero GET!

Poor Samus will have to wait till I explore every foot of the town in Dead Rising 2 Case Zero. For just 400 MS points, you get a pretty huge amount of content. 

I loved the original Dead Rising and was worried that a change in developer would not bode well for the sequel. Very, very glad that is not the far. 

I found two different cowboy hats, a waitress outfit, overalls, a bowling shirt, a plaid suit, and a mohawk hair cut. I also found a construction helmet, but couldn't wear it. It was just another weapon at this point.

By tonight I should be ready to explore Other M.