Monday, September 20, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Order Packs

I'm halfway through Metroid Other M and hoping to be done in time for Dead Rising 2 next week. After DR2 it's gonna be all Fallout: New Vegas, all the time. I haven't put in my pre-order yet so let's take a look at the bonus packs on offer.You can view the full details on the official site.

The Classic Pack (GameStop)
I never played the original Fallout so the sentimetal value of the Armored Vault 13 Suit is lost on me. That said, it's a good look. I don't know how the need for water in New Vegas is going to play out so the Vault 13 Canteen may be very useful. Stimpacks are nice, but the Weathered 10mm Pistol is not very sexy. 
Rating: So-so GET

The Tribal Pack (Amazon, Direct2Drive)
Not a big fan of the Tribal Raiding Armor from Fallout 3, but everything else in this pack sounds great. Of the four packs, the Tribal is the only one that offers a melee weapon, the Broad Machete. A machete can be used often and repaired when needed while a gun will always run low of ammo (and will also need repair). Edge machete. You also get Venom Doses that augment the damage of the machete and ten Throwing Spears. 
Rating: Highly likely GET

The Caravan Pack (Steam, Walmart)
Aww yeah now this is how you roam the wastelands in style! A total homage to Mad Max complete with Caravan Shotgun and Binoculars. The latter will probably be of little real use since you almost never want to stand vulnerable in one place unless you know there is nothing nearby rushing to kill you and that didn't happen for long in Fallout 3. The Repair Kits are very cool if they repair to 100% on their own. If the repair is still based on your skill level, then these are not that hot. 
Rating: Sexy GET

The Mercenary Pack (Best Buy)
The Lightweight Metal Armor is by far the weakest looking outfit, but most likely will offer the best protection overall. The Mercenary's Grenade Rifle sounds sweet, but ammo will be very tough to find. Super Stimpacks and Doctor's Bags round out the offerings. 
Rating: Meh GET


Thuusu said...

Shall we expect a post to made around Dante's infamous (d)evolution?
More to the topic at hand I suspect all costumes (and their respective items) will be released as paid for DLC at somepoint, so I shan't be -too- fussed about where I get my copy, although the Tribal outfit coming with a melee weapon does attract me.
I'd also completely agree with the caravan pack if only I'm not sure it would mesh well with the vegas setting.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Hmm that's an interesting point about the Vegas setting. Would be nice if there were some slick gambler suits just like there were summer suits in Fallout 3.

Thuusu said...

A nice waist-coat, some sleeve garters....haha, I would have loved that.