Friday, September 24, 2010

New Super Street Fighter IV Costume DLC Oct 26th UPDATE

Arriving a few days before Halloween is a plethora of some wild Super Street Fighter IV costumes. You can see the most of the stash here and I'll highlight some faves below.

As if Akuma needed to look even more bad-ass. Love the hood.

Ha this Cammy outfit is good fun. Ridiculous with a touch of sexy. Well done.
I need this Sagat outfit now. Looks like the final baddie from a movie.

You cant have Halloween without a sexy witch. Well, it's not quite a witch hat, but close enough.

Not sure what the homage here is (Vampire Hunter D?), but I like it anyway. Very dramatic.

UPDATE 9/25/2010: Thanks to helpful GET reader josefaxnerbelow is the trailer for the new costumes.


mmmm said...

those are great, i especially like vega's.

Helena said...

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Thuusu said...

...Whoa. Definitely my favourite costume dlc in any game so far. I may even have to get them at release instead of waiting for the whole pack at discount, assuming 26th is only the first part. But damn...there's not a single one I don't love. Oh wait, there's Seths, but y'know...BESIDES him. <3

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah it's going to be torture waiting for all to be released in the discount pack. I guess it will depend on the order of release. I'm sure I saw a release plan for the Japanese dates, but not sure it's the same for the US.

Josef said...

AFAIK no release dates have been announced for any region, outside the first pack hitting PSN/XBL in the US on Oct 26. Capcom-Unity's news post on the subject showed pictures of Cammy, Chun-Li, Juri, Sakura and T. Hawk, but doesn't explicitly state whose costumes will actually be released on that (or any other) date.

The release/pricing information on the official website is for the original sets of DLC costumes, which were released in May-June. The only information on the upcoming costumes is the announcements that there is in fact more coming, asking fans to "stay tuned for more information".

nachomon said...

On the trailer they say ther will be four costumes for all 35 characters. Assuming the SSFIV new additions are more recent, I assume this means two costumes for new characters and just one for the old ones. I´ve seen the third and fourth for Adon and T.Hawk, but I wonder how will be the fourth costumes for the rest, as Juri, Ibuki, Guy, Cody, Makoto, etc.

Mary said...
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Mary said...
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darkmuse said...

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