Friday, December 17, 2010

Vegas Blades

It's official, I love Fallout New Vegas. Can't say for sure if it beats out Fallout 3 till I complete Vegas, but it's certainly heading in that direction. That's mostly thanks to the darker story and more interesting environments despite the wonky game engine.

I'm currently rolling with Boone and we look like a discount version of the Guardian Angels thanks to those matching red berets. Another ironic or sad aspect of the beret is that my character is named Cammy. Sorry I couldn't come up with something more clever at the time.

When I can't fire up a console, it's been Infinity Blade on both the iPad and iPhone 4 (universal apps ftw).

As soon as I'm done with New Vegas, it's straight to Undead Nightmare, then all the Mass Effect 2 DLC I never played. The last planned stop is Dragon Age Ultimate Edition (Origins + Awakenings + DLC) which should last for a damn long time. Probably will finish before Dragon Age 2 though.