Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Weekend Impressions

I won’t bury the lead, I love Marvel vs Capcom 3. Right from the opening cinema it dizzyingly transported me back to my arcade rat days many moons ago. What was the secret sauce that other recent brawlers lacked? Was it the extremely high production values? The retro feel? Or maybe it was the extremely long gap from MvC 2 to 3 that colored my reaction? It’s the combination of all of the above and more.  

Even though the roster is not as large as MvC 2, there is a richness to each character that motivates me to discover every little nuance. The potential team combos are fun because you not only get to mix and match different specials, but also hear specific chatter between the characters. I love that sort of fan service. SNK was particularly great in that area and it’s a fitting comparison since MvC 3 gives me the good King of Fighters 94/95 vibe. In particular, the impression that this game is truly a monumental event, a gathering of heroes and villains that only happens once in a millennia. Of course SNK ruined it by having KoF come out every damn year with only minor changes, but I digress.

In my previous post I lamented the lack of unlockable costumes and certainly that harshes my buzz a bit. On the plus side the available alternate colors are cooler than I previously thought although only a few have showstopping alternates. The awesome black uniform Phoenix comes to mind. It’s also nice that four characters are there for unlocking along with various movie, still, and art items. The best of the unlock bonuses is the character model viewer thanks to the great detail they contain.

Perhaps in another week I’ll start to venture online. The thing about playing online is that it alters your view of which characters are enjoyable to play versus which characters stand a chance in a competition. I’ve ignored power rankings or anything related to that for now in order to let the characters stand on their creative merits.

Last, but not least, I greatly appreciate the full color manual. This creates a lot of goodwill mileage for fighting games or any other genre that caters to a hardcore following. It certainly makes me more prone to reward this gesture with some DLC purchase.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 alternate costume pack 1

Based on how much I spent on DLC costumes for SSFIV, it should be no surprise that Capcom would follow a similar business model for MvC3. The first costume pack will cost $5 on PSN, 400 MS Points on XBLA and feature alternate outfits for Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Chris Redfield, Dante, and Ryu.

The Thor and Ryu outfits are especially rad, but I’m definitely going to wait till there’s a combo pack of all DLC costumes before jumping in. I just can’t shell out that kind of cash again as the reward just wasn’t worth it. The costumes were nice, but I felt a bit empty. I definitely would have enjoyed the costumes more if I earned them. Heck, it’s one of the main reasons I started writing about costumes.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe one of the big reasons we even got a Marvel vs Capcom 3 was because of the potential profit from DLC and that can’t be a completely bad thing. If the price is not obscene, I’ll purchase the Jill Valentine/Shuma Gorath pack as soon as it’s released. The alternate costumes I’ll wait on and maybe even pass over altogether if I’m no longer playing the game by the time the all-in-one pack gets released.

If I ever grab a Nintendo 3DS, the fighting game of choice will definitely be Dead or Alive Dimensions instead of Super Street Fighter. Part of that is because it’s been a while since the last proper DOA game and I’ve had my fill of SSFIV over the last two years, but the bigger reason is that there are some sweet items to unlock. One of the reasons I still own Tekken 6 is that I still haven’t unlocked everything. To me that is a bigger reason not to resell a game over the promise of new DLC.

Wow, didn’t mean to go on a rant. Good news is I should have more proper posts on the blog soon. Follow me on twitter for daily comments on costume happenings and other unrelated musings. Yay!