Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dissidia? Dissidia!

Dissidia 12 drops in less than two weeks and it has officially snuck on to my short list. I've only played the demo of the first Dissidia, but it impressed me enough to deem it worthy of a purchase. The only question was whether to be satisfied with the original which can be had for $10-15 (if you shop hard enough) or just jump right to the sequel for $30.

Two factors come into play and both involve costumes of course. The first is the pre-order bonus from Amazon. A Tifa Lockhart alternate costume based on a design by Yoshitaka Amano. It looks nice, not great though. The Cloud alt costume for GameStop pre-orders is far cooler.

The other bonus is the Aya Brea costume for Lightning which you get it if you also purchase 3rd Birthday (which I plan to). Now this is a cool look for Lightning!

From my basic research, it seems like there are tons of items and goodies to unlock in Dissidia 12. I'll probably wait till the last moment before deciding.

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