Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The March Outlook

I’m about at the 70% mark in Dragon Age Origins with plans to soldier on through Awakenings so I haven’t paid much attention to what’s on the horizon. HOLY CRAP. There are TONS of interesting titles that pique my interest. Of course the no brainer is Dragon Age 2. I’ve also built up quite the back log of iOS games, but we’ll discuss that at another time. For now, let’s take a look at just the top tier for March:

Vagrant Story (March 1st)
This is an instant purchase at $5.99. Not really sure when I would sit down with this one though.

Dragon Age 2 (March 8th)
At my current pace, there is no way I’ll be done with Origins/Awakenings/DLC by March 8th. The release of Marvel vs Capcom 3 didn’t help. I did wait nearly a year to get to DA so I’m not in a crazy rush to dive into DA2.

Ar Tonelico Qoga (March 15th)
Very unlikely I will pick this up, but stranger things have happened. The story seems goofily entertaining and the character designs are eye-catching. I’ve had a strange JRPG craving that could get worse.

Yakuza 4 (March 15th)
I got bored of the first Yakuza halfway through and spent only a few hours on part 2. If the Yakuza 4 demo blows me away, I might be inclined to track down Yakuza 3 to catch up. Loved Shenmue yet the Yakuza series has left me wanting.

Tomb Raider Trilogy (March 22nd)
I beat Legend on the PS2 and remember enjoying it quite a bit. Never got around to Anniversary or Underworld so this is an exciting package of value. Wonder how it will hold up post-Uncharted 2?

The Third Birthday (March 29th)
Thanks to the PSP price drop, Third Birthday will be mine! I’m a bit torn on whether to pick up the UMD or digital version. I can sell the UMD when I finish the game, but what if I want to keep it long term and give it a play on the NGP? Then I need the digital version. Plus the digital version will load faster and consume less battery power. Unfortunately the digital version is $30, same as the UMD. Guess we’ll see how things go.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (March 29th)
Like most folks I dearly love both games. Of the two, I played the hell out of Colossus beating it twice. I have yet to complete Ico once. This baffles me. I will correct this once I own the collection. Yes I will.


Ujn Hunter said...

I'll double dip on Vagrant Story if it hits $2.99... otherwise I can rip my own disc to play on my PSP-1000 if I really, really want a digital version.

I think it is mind bogglingly weird that they are calling that Tomb Raider Collection, "Tomb Raider Trilogy", seeing it is not a trilogy.

As for 3rd Birthday, I have it on pre-order and would never, ever buy a digital release over a physical one. They'd have to start selling digital games for $0.99 for me to buy them. They're just disposable to me and I can't do it.

Wataru Maruyama said...

I agree digital versions of most everything are still priced too high, but it can be worth it if they support multiple devices. Knowing that I can play 3rd birthday on the NGP with a digital version makes it tempting. Then again, I might never want to play it once I finish with it.

I picked up PeaceWalker on UMD since it was on sale, but also because I never replayed any MGS game except for the 1st one and that doesn't count since the GameCube remake was greatly upgraded. Snake Eater is still probably my favorite MGS, but I could never play through it again. Too tedious. So I saw no point in picking up the digital version of PeaceWalker.