Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Dead or Alive Dimensions DLC Costumes Coming

Famitsu just posted some new costumes that will be included in the next round of DLC costume for Dead or Alive Dimensions. Starting in August 15th in Japan, they will re-distribute the initial batch of DLC costumes, but a few new ones will be added to the mix. My Japanese is a bit rusty so some details may differ.

Thanks to GET! reader Josef Axner for the heads up!

I would normally be more tempted by this news and the recent price cut, but I'm in greater need of a new computer.  Hopefully we'll see a version DOA on the Vita as that looks to be my main gaming machine of 2012.


Musikalischør Interpretør said...

too sad, that there are no DLC costume packs for the 360 version of DoA4. I have no 3DS and Im not planning to buy one. So I think Ill have to wait for Soul Calibur5 for some more costume action. (love Ivy's new costume. Looks sexy and not so cheap like her SC4 outfit)
Anyway, great blog! I always enjoy your posts. :-)

Shop Simple said...

They are really fantastic! But I think adding some costume accessories will be much better. However, it's still a great post.