Thursday, August 04, 2011

Expansion GET!

Followers of my Twitter may have noticed an inordinate amount of iOS and cosplay links. While I won’t really have more mobile games featured here, it’s time to break down the wall on the latter.

From henceforth you’ll start to see articles on cosplay as well as the usual in-game costumes. 

When I started up this blog over six years ago, the state of cosplay was a bit uneven. In the last two years (at least this is when I noticed) the sophistication of costumes has ramped up to amazing levels. Sure the level has always been high in Japan, but now it seems across the globe the standards are amazingly high. 

Images courtesy of Mr. Muggles
The expansion of coverage also coincides with my other great passion, photography. Great costumes can be ruined by average photography so the items I showcase here will ideally be a marriage of great costume construction, modeling, and photography.   

Images courtesy of Mr. Muggles
 When schedule allows, I’d love to eventually go to a cosplay event, but that’s probably a bit further off from now.


Chloe Anderson said...

great group costumes! the kid really creeps me out!

Nate Wellem said...

Cosplay yes!

Mark and Lauree said...

These are some really cool original looking costumes. Seem easy to make until you try. I really like the scary ones.

Mark from