Friday, October 07, 2011

Side Gig for Soul Calibur's Taki

The Queen's Gate PSP game was released this past July/Aug. A domestic release is highly unlikelyso if you want to check out some Namco characters in um...interesting situations, you can check out this trailer for a small taste, or you can check out the role playing books.

A book for Ivy was released a while back and now Taki gets her turn.

The Queen's Gate/Blade books are pretty filthy without showing outright nudity. These shots shown here courtesy of Moeyo are about as clean as I feel comfortable posting.

You can check out the rest here. Definitely NSFW.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Onechanbara Z: Kagura shots

Unfortunately, there's still no news of a US release date for Onechanbara Z: Kagura on Xbox 360, but there are some new screen shots to look at.

As if the original bikini wasn't already pretty skimpy, a pre-order DLC bonus grants one even more outrageous.

The thing that cracks me up about it they went and added some flare to it. It's hard to be sure from these screens, but it looks like some sort of gem stones.

Leaving no stone unturned, they added some to the back too.

I like that the series has a new look and based off the trailer, it does appear to have new play mechanics as well appearing zippier and less like a budget title.  

Source Kotaku via