Thursday, December 01, 2011

GamePro and the birth of CostumeGet!

I wrote the strategy guide for Luigi's Mansion. Probably some other previews and reviews in the issue too. Man what a fun game even though I had to play through like 3 times. Cover image courtesy of The Mushroom Kingdom.

GamePro was my third (!) games media company I worked for, but it still holds a special place in my heart. I met so many great and wonderful friends there and made lots of memories that I’ll cherish forever. There were plenty of tough, frustrating, and sad times, but no regrets. Any mistakes I made were things I learned invaluable lessons from.

One story most relevant to this blog is when I reviewed the first Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I remember taking home the debug Xbox system, eating dinner, and starting to play at around 8PM. The next thing I know, it’s 10AM! 14 straight hours. I’ve never pulled a gaming session like that before, even when I was a teen.

The way Team Ninja designed the costume collection system really hit a nerve (or weakness?) in me and it was then I recognized that this was a major feature in games that spoke to me in an unexpected way.
Sometime after, I wrote a blog for GamePro called Bikinigamer that began chronicling this obsession. It quickly became the most popular blog on the network

When the GamePro off-shoot magazine/website I worked on Gamestar folded, Bikinigamer lived on with the company under a different author and thus CostumeGet! was born. I was able to maintain pretty high traffic until I was employed again a few months later. After that I fell into the usual trap of sporadic updates.

Even now with a hugely demanding job and a growing family that severely limit my game time, I still love gaming and this blog. I’m most excited about the Vita as I’ll be able to play a lot more with a portable system that is as powerful as a console.

But I digress.

I still remember picking up the premiere issue of GamePro and periodically picking one up here and there. I used to buy at least three or four game mags a month during high school and college and I’d decide which ones at the newsstand based on how thick the issue was and which ones covered the games I was most interested in.

Little did I know I’d eventually work for these magazines I grew up reading. That first happened with EGM and then later at GamePro. It really was a magical time.

I don’t know the people were still at GamePro personally, but my heart goes out to them as I’ve been in their shoes before. You’ll move on to bigger and better things. I’m sure grateful for the places I’ve landed since the GamePro years.

Full disclosure, my enthusiasm for the Vita is not tied to being employed by Sony. Honest!

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