Monday, December 12, 2011

I love wetsuits...and Resident Evil

Long, long overdue, but I finally picked up Resident Evil 5 Gold for the PS3. I originally bought RE5 for the 360, but my save file was corrupted when my system red ringed. Since I have to start from scratch, figured I'd change systems as well as getting the extra content on disc instead of DLC if I went the 360 route.

This got me into a RE mood and it just so happens some new screens of Revelations for the 3DS appeared. The game is looking amazing. If there's one game that still has me tempted for a 3DS it's Revelations. The addition of wetsuits is an interesting twist to the RE costume repertoire. Especially the half legless variety which makes absolutely no practical sense. Maybe the lady prefers a completely legless swimsuit, but has horrible scars on one leg so wants to cover up?  Who cares, it looks damn cool.

As good as this looks, I'm hoping beyond hope they do a Vita port. Imagine how great that would look! Even if it happens, it's most likely a year out to preserve some sort of exclusivity window for the 3DS. Maybe Revelations GOLD for the Vita?

Speaking of ports, I'd like to see the Gamecube RE remake get the HD treatment ala Metal Gear and Ico collection for the PS3. Even though I've played it a hundred times, the original is still a ton of fun. I was a bit surprised that it didn't happen when they released Code Veronica and RE4 HD. There's still time to make it right Capcom!

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darkmuse said...

another megahit grom PS. love it almost so great, like Metal Gear. almost... ;)

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